Clearing my Shelf of Shame (space and sci-fi edition)

I’ve listed my stalled armour and aviation builds, so now time to complete the full list of my in-progress builds and show what has stalled with my ‘real’ space and sci-fi models. The space models are all quite old kits and use the original pressings, so the details and fit is somewhat disappointing, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun, right? Anyway, like the other posts I’ve listed each model in the order I hope to finish the build, along with where I’m at and any reason why I stalled.

Airfix 1/72 Lunar Module

My dad built me this when I was a kid, so it was one I felt I had to make for myself. The model is in the final stages of detail painting and likely stalled as I was getting fed up applying black paint to based on differing source images! The base is already complete so it should not take much to clear this one, probably only a couple of nights of painting and a final clear coat.

Airfix 1/144 Apollo Saturn V

Just like the Lunar Module, this was a kit my dad built for me and again was one I had to make again. Construction of this is nearly done, but I stalled on trying to sort out the hideous F1 engines. The problem with these is that the two halves don’t mate together at all well leaving very obvious offsets in the engine rings. I’ve been sanding these seemingly forever to try and rectify them and will eventually call them done. When I have it will be on to finish the rest of the model.

Revell 1/144 Space Shuttle Discovery & Booster

Following on from my other space builds I thought I’d like to give this old kit a run. Like the Aifrix Saturn V the joins between the various component halves was terrible and there has been a lot of sanding and filling to get a smooth finish. The tank and booster rockets are pretty much done, so it will be on the the actual shuttle itself next.

Hasegawa 1/20 Falke Antigravity Armored Raider Pkf.85

After I built the Ma.K. Kröte I picked up the Falke for a good price on eBey, however I wasn’t interested in building it out of the box and instead wanted to turn it into some sort of demilitarised street racer. I’ve done a fair bit of detailing to the cockpit area and started on the various vents, but I stalled when reconstructing the nose section. Eventually the plan is to have this displayed on some sort of diorama.

Revell 1/144 Apollo Saturn V

I started building this with my own son, but we ran in to an issue with one half of the second stage completely missing from the sprue! I’m keeping an eye out for a good price on the kit so I can get the missing parts and add a bunch of stuff to the spares box.

Fascinations R2-D2 Metal Earth

A Christmas present from the kids that was fun until I tried to roll the main body into a tube! Let’s just say R2-D2 looks like he lost the battle with the trash compactor. I’ll get round to finishing this one off, but it’s likely to stay away from any displays.

Revell 1/144 SpaceShipTwo & White Knight Two

This was a small and fun model, but I managed to screw up the windows. It is very likely this will end up in the bin. I would, however, be interested in a 1/72 version of this!