A farewell to Military Modelling magazine

Not long after I returned to modelling I stated subscribing to Military Modelling magazine as at the time it seemed one of the better publications on the market and covered the topics I was interested in. I also signed up to the magazine forum and posted some of my first builds there. 

So I was quite disappointed to find slipped in with my latest delivered issue a terse note to say that the magazine was no more, the current issue would be the last and I would be receiving Model Military International instead. A quick check over at the MM forums confirmed this, as well as that the forums themselves would be closing down. 

While I feel the quality of the MM has gone down hill over the past few years (please stop with the Emmanuel Nouaillier articles — he is talented but enough already!) I didn’t think it would cease publication for a while yet, not least before it hit it’s 50th anniversary edition some time next year. 

There are lots of modelling magazines and forums out there, but I’m not sure if I’m going to start subscribing to any publications or joining new forums. I’ll certainly be blogging my builds here but despite looking around I can’t seem to find a similar forum to the MM one.