Military Modelling magazine index

Military Modelling is no more. I was a subscriber from about 10 years ago, but a while back I acquired an almost complete back catalogue of the magazine, starting with the very first edition. While some of those early build articles are no longer relevant, there is still a wealth of information buried in those 48 years and 5 months of magazines. The problem I have is how do I to know what is there and which issue to read through to get those details? To address this I’ve decided to create a searchable index of all the issues I have and try and locate copies of the handful of those I don’t.

To start with the index will be static and searchable with the help of Google, but will end up on a MySQL database. I aim to get 1 or 2 issues reviewed each week and will keep track of progress on the Military Modelling Magazine Index page. Once they are all documented I’ll build a MySQL database so searching is easier. I have a suspicion that this will be a very long term project!