Latest acquisitions (September 2018 edition)

Nothing like a bit of pre-birthday shopping to make you realise you have way too many kits already and that you shouldn’t actually be adding more until you finish some. Well, according to the kids that is. Others may argue you can never have enough models in the stash and the one with the most toys at the end wins! Anyway, there were a few good deals to be found this month on Takom’s U.S Armored Combat Earthmover M9 ACEBundeswehr Feldumschlaggerät FUG 2,5T forklift and Bundeswehr T3 Transporter Bus (a VW van by any other name!), plus I also picked up AFV Club’s Husky Mk III as a comparison with the Panda kit I bought in March.

Bundeswehr T3 Transporter Bus

Bundeswehr Feldumschlaggerät FUG 2,5T

U.S Armored Combat Earthmover M9 ACE

Husky Mk III Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD)

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