Happy New Year and welcome back to modelling

It’s now 2019 and time to get back to mucking around with plastic. This year’s modelling resolutions are to finish more models than I buy and clear a fair bit of my in-progress modelling backlog, though how successful I’ll be remains to be seen. Top of the list to finish off are Freedom Model Kits’ 1/48 scale U.S NAVY UCAS X-47BItaleri’s 1/35 scale Sherman M4A1 Allied Standard Tank and Dragon’s 1/35 scale MIM-23 HAWK M192. Once these are out of the way I’m looking at a dual build of Bronco’s RQ-1K and MQ-1 Predators to accompany the X-47B and MQ-9 Reaper UAVs.

I’ve also finally managed to make space in the family room (aka the kid’s dustbin) for my modelling desk.

My modelling space

Hopefully this means I’ll be able to push on somewhat, though I do need to clear out the garage for the spray painting… May wait until it gets warmer for that!