About OuterArm

I was never a sporty kid. I enjoyed riding down to the park with my mates, playing footy on the streets and mucking around on the playing fields, but when it came to actual organised sport I was always the last choice, my obvious ability clear for all to see.

I wasn’t fussed. Those early years were happy and full of friends and fun and love. They were also when my dad introduced me to Airfix and the world of scale plastic models. I remember spending hours sticking together various aircraft and tanks, getting more glue on my fingers than on the models, never bothering with paint, trying to get the decals to stick properly.

I also fondly remember my dad building models for me, doing a far better job than my young fingers could hope to achieve. He had a keen interest in Sci-Fi and space exploration and I clearly recall him building the Airfix Saturn V, Apollo Lunar Lander and Sea King Apollo recovery helicopter, as well as their Hercules w/ Bloodhound Missile kit. 

Fast forward 30 odd years and I find myself once again indulging in model making. The hobby is quite different than when I was a kid, with many manufactures covering almost every topic and most new models presenting amazing detail. Coupled with the internet and it’s infinite possibilities we now have a rich and vibrant modelling community, sharing ideas, techniques and progress.

While there are many modelling forums out there (several of which I do post to), I wanted to collect all my progress in one place. So here we are! The site’s focus will mainly be on scale modelling, but there may be occasional posts on PC gaming, films, books, TV and anything else that keeps me seated.