Category: Model Collection

Latest acquisitions (December 2018 edition)

While I don’t often build WWII era aircraft, sometimes an opportunity that you can’t ignore presents itself. A very kind individual has donated dozens of kits to Newbury Scale Model Club as he no longer has the space to build or display them. It is quite a collection of 1/48 scale aircraft, but what is

Latest acquisitions (October 2018 edition)

Another month and another batch of kits to add to the stash! I finally decided on using Meng’s Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab as the load for the Italeri M1120 HEMTT purchased back in July and found a suitable eBay offer. Next up was the fun looking Hobby Boss Delta Force FAV – it is only

Latest acquisitions (September 2018 edition)

Nothing like a bit of pre-birthday shopping to make you realise you have way too many kits already and that you shouldn’t actually be adding more until you finish some. Well, according to the kids that is. Others may argue you can never have enough models in the stash and the one with the most

Latest acquisitions (June 2018 edition)

Yet another addition to my 1/35 helicopter collection! I’ve been after Trumpeter’s large-scale Hind for quite a while, but hadn’t seen one at a sensible price, so when the eBay opportunity came along I had to take it. I expect to collect a fair bit of after market for this beast, such as Eduard’s coloured

Latest acquisitions (May 2018 edition)

Diopark are by no means a prolific model producer, but they do have some interesting kits. Their Field-modified Civilian Truck w/122mm Rocket Launcher joins the stash, but I’m not sure if this will be built as a standard civilian vehicle, or displayed at the technical portrayed on the box.

Latest acquisitions (March 2018 edition)

As I mentioned in January’s stash update, I’m a sucker for odd looking vehicles. Panda’s Husky Mk.III VMMD was released a few years ago, quickly followed by AFV Club’s offering, but I’d not seen a good price for either. After some eBay searching I finally found a deal on Panda’s version with the additional Ground Penetrating Radar

Latest acquisitions (February 2018 edition)

I seem to be collecting, rather than building, 1/35 scale helicopters, so when Kitty Hawk announced a newly tooled Little Bird kit to replace Dragon’s old offering, I was quite happy. It took a while from announcement to shelves, but their AH-6J/MH-6J Little Bird Nightstalkers kit looks the part.

Latest acquisitions (January 2018 edition)

Well, 2018 didn’t last very long before a new purchase was added to the stash. I’ve got a soft spot for odd looking vehicles — turret-less tank mine clearers are right up there so Meng’s new Russian BMR-3M Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle was a must buy.