The Hurt Locker

As predominately a modern armour modeller I thought I’d have a go at making a diorama inspired by the film The Hurt Locker. Love it or loath it, there is no doubt that the film was a critical success winning Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director at the 82nd Academy Awards. If you are unaware of the film, it depicts the experiences of a three-man EOD team serving in Iraq and though it was somewhat mauled by some US service personnel regarding its accuracy I found it both entertaining and thought provoking.

In this diorama I want to represent a fictitious scene showing a three or four man EOD team preparing to investigate a possible IED. The dio will show their equipment with interested locals looking on.

The base will be built on Diorama Plus’ “Iraqi street scene” (kit DP18). This is not a bad base though I’ll be adding to it as I feel necessary, with the base itself being dressed up with as much detritus as I think is needed. If you see pictures of Iraqi streets you will see a lot of rubbish around, so there will be flattened boxes, black bin bags, spare tire, wooden crates, etc.

As well as the busy street, I’m going to add a number of vehicles. The main focus, vehicle wise, will be Bronco’s “M1114 Up-Armoured Tactical Vehicle” (kit 35080), detailed with a number of ET Models extras. This will be joined by a couple of civilian vehicles, either MiniMan Factory’s “UAZ-452D Civilian Version” (kit MMF 35012) or AeroPlast’s VW Beetle Type 60 (kit 90024) and one of the Diopark’s mopeds (kit DIO-35007). I’ll also be adding AFV Club’s “EOD Robot” (kit 35010) and maybe a dog if I can find something suitable.

I’m expecting the diorama will need 5 or 6 figures. These will be selected from the following:

  • Black Dog “EOD Team in Iraq” (kit F35009)
  • Black Dog “EOD Team in Iraq No 2” (kit F35012)
  • Legend “US EOD Robot Controller” (kit LF0131)
  • Meng “EOD Team”
  • Verlinden “Arab Street Curiosity” (kit 2049)
  • MasterBox “Iraq Kit 2: The bad ones” (kit MB3576)
  • MasterBox “US Check Point in Iraq” (kit 3591)

I’ll probably only be using 3 of the five resin US figures and one of the injection moulded US figures — one will be controlling the robot, one suited up and the third and fourth keeping guard. I’ll only be using the kid pointing from the MasterBox injection moulded figure set, and one or the other of the Verlinden figures from the ‘Arab Street Curiosity’ set.