6/01/2019: I’ve now completed the launcher part of the build. The fire extinguisher and some wiring have been left off to ease painting, but other than that this part is done. The leg struts are quite delicate, so I will be putting this on a scenic base to reduce the risk of damage (and keeping it upside-down!). Next up are the three Hawk missiles. The halves are together, but the join needed filling then smoothing. 

1/09/2018: I started my build of Dragon’s 1/35 scale MIM-23 HAWK M192 as a holiday build, a way to pass the evenings in Devon. I managed to make a fair bit of progress, but didn’t get as far as expected for such a simple kit. It is an OK kit, but not what I have come to expect from Dragon over the years. Locating / connection points are a undersized so careful construction and placement is needed, and, as seems common with Dragon, the instructions are not always as clear as they could be.